No audio with video playback on computer

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Hey everyone, i'm new to the site and love the phone, although i encountered one problem so far. When i transfer my videos from my microsd card to my computer, i get no audio. I tried WMP and VLC and both didn't work.


  • It has happenned to me a few times and it is always cause I record while my phone is set on vibrate... turn your volume up before u start recording that might help
  • No it doesn't seem to be that, and it happens to all of my videos as well so it's not just one. It doesn't seem to be my phone either, the videos work fine on a different computer.
  • I found out that the videos work when using the Quicktime player, WMP and VLC do not work. The problem now is, i hate Quicktime.
  • You can hunt down the codec for WMP to play mp4's. I got it, just don't remember where. I googled.
  • I'm running Windows 7 and the WMP it comes with supports mp4 natively. Either way, VLC should work, it supports practically everything so it might be a glitch.
  • If WMP won't play them, Google CCCP and download/install the Combined Community Codec Pack.
  • I have the same problem. I installed the CCCP but to no avail... It's very inconvenient because audio won't work in video editing applications which sucks.
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