touchscreen and motion thing not working

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This is my 2nd envtouch (the first one got damaged, i had to send it back.) but i've been having problems with it lately, even though my first one never gave me any problems. now though, my touchscreen is acting up and won't react to what i'm trying to get it to do. it will vibrate when i touch it, but if i press a button that's all it does, with no other reaction. i've tried to recalibrate it but it only seems to help sometimes. also, my motion thing doesn't seem to be working properly as when i make a call to an automated machine, like my bank, i move my phone away from my ear to press buttons and it's supposed to show me the dialpad, but it remains dark. and it has also starting locking itself when i'm actually on a call which it isn't suppsoed to do. now when i'm on the phone and i need to press a button, i have to press the actual return button, unlock the phone, and then hope that the dial pad will show up. what's the deal????


  • well its still a new phone so it has unresolved bugs. they release it to the public so they can find the bugs rather than tons of testing. just get new ones till they have no more problems
  • yeah, seems like you got a crappy one. this new phone that you got has alot of bugs. if you have insurance call them and tell them. and if they dont buy it punch ur phone crack the screen and give it to them. (only if u have TEC warranty). if you have TEC they will just give you a new phone right there at the store.
  • LG enV TOUCH Secret Menu
    NOTICE: Use this Information at YOUR OWN RISK!!! If you DO NOT FEEL Comfortable doing it, STOP & take Your Phone to VERIZON & tell them YOU have a Problem!!!

    Proximity Sensor Calibration
    Dial ##5473784236368 (##program11000 or ##lgservicemenu will Work) and press call.
    When prompted for a code, enter 000000 (all zeros).
    Select “ALL AUTO TEST” and scroll down to “PROXIMITY CAL” to Calibrate the Proximity Sensor, No Matter WHAT Screen Protector you have on it should calibrate the Proximity Sensor to Work Correctly.
    My Screen Protector is Clear & Covers the Proximity Sensor. After I Finished Calibrating the Proximity Sensor, it Works Perfectly now 

    You can Do a LOT of Other Things in this Secret Mode Also (As well as MESS UP YOUR PHONE, SO BE Careful) …
    Some things will cause the Phone to Reboot…
    You can change WAP proxy address, NOT needed unless you prefer to use a wap proxy for browsing, use to be real popular when phones only had WAP browsers.
    You can change the DUN MIP NAI ID and Password.
    There are Test Settings and Procedures in those menus for reading real signal strength etc.
    On some previous phones it was a way to play mp3's before the verizon UI officially supported this.
    And in at least one phone, it was a way to use the media player to view files NOT in the official folders, (view files in hidden folders that the normal UI did not support). In other words, hide those special vids…
  • good post jimiznhb, i was thinking maybe he has a screen protector on the phone (or maybe the plastic that ships on it) that may be causing the proximity sensor not to work and the touch screen problem. calibrating the proximity sensor made a huge difference on mine after adding a screen protector.i wouldn't think an insurance claim would be needed in any case. should still be under warranty. let us know how this works out new94022
  • thank you! that hack worked great, the proximity sensor works fine now. not sure about the vibrate but this makes me alot happier. thanks!
  • helps.
  • Thanks! just put on a screen protector and it changed the TS
  • Very good info, Thanks! I have one of those thick mirrored screen protectors on my phone that covers the prox. It would make the screen go black no matter what, and after a bit of tinkering (it failed the calibration a couple times at first) it is working as it should...
  • I LOVE YOU I haven't visited this site since I got my phone soon after it came out and my sensor hadn't worked right this whole time making checking voicemail and such a real pain. I have/had no screen protector or anything on it but now it works perfectly!
  • Thanks. It works. My proximity sensor works awesome now. Thanks for the post.
  • worked great, until my teacher heard the phone ding after the test completed lol!!
  • This is the same problem I'm having with my phone. Its a replacement as well. This fix made it all better. Thanks Very Much jimiznhb!
  • Jimiznhb, I tried the callibration, but it keeps failing. Any suggestions on what I should do? I do not use a screen protector. Thanks!
  • i know im really late, but my internal screen is also not working and im flat broke. can somone tell me key by key how to do the hack thing jimiznhb said?
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